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Report on question of project.

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On Thu, 29 Jul 2010, Kayo Hamid wrote:
> Hi, how are you? I'm sending this email to known the status of
> openSLES project, or to see a web page, documents, etc. Did you have
> anything like this for me?

My heath is slowly improving.  Here is the URL about the project.


Because of how well the openSUSE people are working with us, and the SLES 
people are very against it.  Some have switched their vote on which way to go. 
The openSUSE LTS subset that matches SLES or the Server CD with additioin to 
make it a DVD is what looks like whaat we will do.

The openSUSE LTS will not be for every version.  We will pick one and go grom 
there to extend the life of it to probably 5 years.  We have a 50/50
deadlock on whcih wat to got.  It is progressing slowly because of my illness. 
If we do an openSLES we will be on our own for everything and we anger the 
Novell management.  The ones on the SLES side of thing looked like they would 
support us but after last years get together.  The mode and people we thoguth 
woul assist us ie. train us in the Novel standards and bug fixing were 
recinded.  Leaving us with about 3-5 programers to do the job and from the 
Novell side they insisted that if we did anything that would infringe on any 
Novell copywrite we could end up in court over it.  so after the conference it 
became a 52/48 expressing their opionion. With many not really willing to 

My stroke has also added to the slowness of the project along with getting 
permission to disclose some of the private talks and information.  The path of 
least resistence became the openSUSE LTS.  My call for people with programming 
skills to make the openSLES had the 3 main people capable of doing the code and 
the tests for compliance down to one person where 4 people said the would 
assist with an openSUSE LTS Server based.

I am recovering but have not reached the level that I am able to really work. 
It is more I know, I knew how to do it but do not remember how. Also currently 
my memory jumps so everything has to be written down, but even doing this I 
accidently mark off things done that are not.  I had hoped for more people to 
assist with the wike, but had to restrict pages because of all the forgery and 
changes.  Reverting 50-100 dufferent people changing the wiki to in-apporiate 
content became a job I could not do well all the time.  So I restricted the 

All someone has to do is email me and I will open it up to them after they 
create an account.  I daily have to delete 10-40 people trying to pass the 
lenght of being on the wiki with a vailid username password.  I am still doing 
things but trying to get assistence in doing tasks has been a problem.  I was 
leaning at first to 11.2 as our first but bugs that effect my computers have 
been fixed with 11.3 and I thend to think we should use it as our base, giving 
us 18 months to get people and get them trained on a server based openSUSE LTS.

Boyd Gerber <gerberb at zenez.com> 801 849-0213
ZENEZ   1042 East Fort Union #135, Midvale Utah  84047

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