[openSLE] Status of initiative

Boyd Lynn Gerber gerberb at zenez.com
Tue Sep 29 11:45:58 MDT 2009

We have two very strong yet divergent groups.

OpenSUSE LTS.  The people supporting this think we should start with 
openSUSE 11.2.  So there is no real need to do much right now as we still 
have 18+ months till the community needs to take over this to provide 
longer term support.

openSLES.  The people supporting this think we need to get started right 
now and start with SLES 11. Biggest concern is which license we use could 
be invalidated by Novell and then access to the updates would become 
limited or totally unavliable.

We have two very strong small groups supporting each.  Each group seems to 
not want to support the other group.  My concern is with this 
fragmentation that there will not be enough trackion to make this succeed.

LTS option

Currently we do not have enough qualified people to do the work to really 
do an LTS.  But with 18 months till work really needs to be done it is 
possible to get the needed man power.

SLES option

It appears we have enough qualified people to do this, but it is going to 
take a while as there are no funds behind this group at the moment so we 
would need to use a license from an existing SLES or find someone to 
donate and purchase a license.  It is highly unlikely to have Novell give 
us a license as, it is seen as taking away $$$ from sales of SLES.

So far I have had 80 people respond via the various medium's and there is 
exactly 40 people that have expressed a clear choice with approxitmitly 20 
other people that are following this without expressing a clear 

Question what do you think we should do next?

Will an openSUSE LTS provide a path to SLES or just fill the needs of the 
openSUSE community in gaining a longer support window.

What is the most beneficial to the greater openSUSE/SLES community?

Which option is going to be the overall best?  What are others opinions on 

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