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Mon Sep 21 14:47:34 MDT 2009

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>> Magnus Boman wrote:
>> > For openSUSE 11.1, we will have updates ('support') for 18 months.
>> > Those who wants to provide long term support for 11.1, can simply
>> > create their own updates. It wouldn't be difficult to create a common
>> > repo where people can contribute to patches for this purpose and keep
>> > doing that for some 7 years or whatever the plan is. Heck, since
>> we're
>> > not talking massive changes and updates, anyone can help out with
>> > this, as well as working on openSUSE Factory etc.
>> >
>> > So, please enlighten me what I'm not getting here...

>Some people or companies don't believe/trust in user maintained updates. However they do trust updates, which are contributed, checked and approved by "officials".
>That's the point for i.e. CentOS. They just take the RHEL packages, compile them and do have the same updates as the EL version.
>But if everyone can contribute updates and no official (from novell or "the chosen one") approves it, there can be faulty updates, which could lead to untrusted system.


The company I work for just implemented SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
on our main systems per requests/recommendation from a third party.
The third party helps maintain some applications that run on these
servers (they are all familiar with SUSE hence the

We also have a number of servers that run CentOS. Furthermore, we are
audited by third parties and it is very nice to be able to reference
Red Hat's security bulletins. I use these security bulletins to prove
to the auditors that the issues they find have been fixed via Red
Hat's back ports. I just have to show that the CentOS system is
current with its updates and remind them that "CentOS is an
Enterprise-class Linux Distribution derived from sources freely
provided to the public by a prominent North American Enterprise Linux
vendor." www.centos.org

I would be happy to have all my Linux installs using the same distro
family. We would be an example of a company that pays for support on
critical systems but uses the freely available alternative on less
critical systems. A win-win for both companies in my mind.

With that said, my hope is that this group takes the approach that
CentOS does with Red Hat.



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