[openSLE] Names so Far

Luc de Louw luc at delouw.ch
Fri Sep 4 13:39:15 MDT 2009

On 09/04/2009 04:23 PM, Boyd Lynn Gerber wrote:

> Green Enterprise Integration Linux (GEIL)
> Geeko Enterprise Integration Linux (GEIL)

GEIL is a no-go for german speaking countries since geil in german means 
horny and other similar works, see http://dict.leo.org

> Green Is Not Green (GING)
> Green Lizard Enterprise Distribution (GLED)
> Geeko Lizard Enterprise Distribution (GLED)
> Green Enterpize (GENT)
> Green Bee Linux
> Green Rock Enterpise Linux (GREL)
> Geeko Rock Enterpise Linux (GREL)
> Green Community Linux (GCL)
> Geek Community Linux (GCL)
> Green Mean Linux (GML)
> Geeko Mean Linux (GML)

Green means environmental friendly, could confuse some people

> The Distribution Formerly Known As SLES TDFKAS

Too offensive against Novell

> Yet Another Enterprise Linux (YAEL)

Intercultural issues can arise, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yael

> Yet Another Linux Enterprise (YALE)

Yale University?

> White Label Enterprise Linux (WLEL)

Sounds good, but how to pronounce it?

> Black Cat Enterprise Linux (BCEL)

What Black cat? there are sayings black cat bring bad luck.

How about:
CDEL (community driven Enterprise Linux)

EL (Enterprise Linux)

TEL (The Enterprise Linux)

TOEL (The Open Enterprise Linux)

ELFU (Enterprise Linux Four yoU)



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