[openSLE] Status Nov 1 2009

Boyd Lynn Gerber gerberb at zenez.com
Sun Nov 1 17:05:31 MST 2009


With the announcement


We now have the oportunity to now really be able to provide and openSUSE 
LTS with out a lot of obstucales.   In the various talks we have had it 
appears the given the current economic climit, we could posssibly do more 
harm than good with an openSLES.  Most of the members that have stepped up 
to be willing to do the security updates and back ports have come from the 
openSUSE community.   There have been talks with the SLES managment and 
the ones that I thought would be behind such and effort right now see it 
as more of a problem;  Natuarlly there are those that are the 
free-loaders, who do not steop up to the plate.  Also I was in hopes of 
gaining support from Novell in the form of a free SLSE with updates so we 
do not in any way endanger current licenses.  We need to take this all in 
mind with our decisison as to which initiative we choose.  This is the 
current state.

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