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Boyd Lynn Gerber gerberb at zenez.com
Fri Aug 28 10:57:45 MDT 2009

On Thu, 27 Aug 2009, Per Jessen wrote:
> Boyd Lynn Gerber wrote:
>> 10 people only want to work on an SLES product being openSLES
>> 10 people want an openSUSE LTS
>> [snip]
>> So how do we break this dead lock of 10-10.  I wish more people would
>> express their opinions.
> I'll admit to not having expressed mine.  To be honest I'm still not 
> quite sure about where all of this is heading.  I see the point of a 
> Long-Term-Support version of openSUSE, but I have no 
> experience/knowledge of e.g. CentOS to know what it really means. 
> Something similar goes for the openSLES option - obviously an 
> SLES-lookalike, but how will it differ from SLES?
>> So please speak up.  What do you think we should do and your reasons 
>> for doing it.
> Any chance of someone summing the two choices in pehaps 4-5 lines each?

Also see


openSUSE LTS option.

Using this option would avoid any issues with Novell management, but would 
be a lot more work as openSUSE is on a 18 month cycle where SLES has a 7 
year lifetime.  Using this option, I see a 5 year cycle as the most we 
could do for any openSUSE release.  I also see that we would need to 
decided on the set of packages that we would put under this umberala.  We 
could use the proposed server CD and only support those packages or the 
list be the same ones used in SLES.


My opinion is

openSLES is a community sponsered/supported freely available OS based on 
SLES.  It would be build from the same source code as SLES, but with all 
branding removed.  It would be a show case of what is available in SLES. 
It provides an easy way to move those customers that need the support of a 
large company.  Maintaining their applications and data.

For me it would allow my customers to get that warm fuzy they need before 
shelling out the $$$ for SLES.

I see us having similar goals as


openSLES would be for those organizations and individuals that do not need 
strong commercial support.  If they need it they have to purchase and use 

I hope this answers your questions.  This does show my bias toward 

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