[openSLE] Current status from all channels and discussions.

Per Jessen per at computer.org
Thu Aug 27 11:30:44 MDT 2009

Boyd Lynn Gerber wrote:

> 10 people only want to work on an SLES product being openSLES
> 10 people want an openSUSE LTS
> [snip]
> So how do we break this dead lock of 10-10.  I wish more people would
> express their opinions.

I'll admit to not having expressed mine.  To be honest I'm still not
quite sure about where all of this is heading.  I see the point of a
Long-Term-Support version of openSUSE, but I have no
experience/knowledge of e.g. CentOS to know what it really means. 
Something similar goes for the openSLES option - obviously an
SLES-lookalike, but how will it differ from SLES?

> So please speak up.  What do you think we should do and your reasons
> for doing it.

Any chance of someone summing the two choices in pehaps 4-5 lines each?

/Per Jessen, Zürich

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