[openSLE] Current status from all channels and discussions.

Boyd Lynn Gerber gerberb at zenez.com
Thu Aug 27 11:15:27 MDT 2009


I had 50 people request taking the topic off list.  I have had 20 people 
express an opinion on what to do.  So here is the results.

10 people only want to work on an SLES product being openSLES
10 people want an openSUSE LTS

So it is split.  The majority of people wanting an openSUSE LTS have 
requested we use the list of rpm's from SLES in pairing down the modules 
and then consider a few extras TBD.  All have agreed that doing a complete 
openSUSE LTS would be a lot of work and that we really do not have the man 
power to do it.

2 people suggested we take the openSUSE Edu and use it to create or 
product.  I guess the name would be openSUSE-Edu LTS.

I have talked with a lawyer, but he does not specialize in this area.  His 
comment was we should be fine using the SLES as long as we avoid any 
propritary RPM's.  He also said it would be good to present this list to 
an attorney that specialized in this field.  He did not really have any 
names to contact.  He suggested the FSF maybe willing to look at it and 
render an opinion on the list.

The main reason for doing an openSUSE LTS was to avoid any conflicts with 
Novell.  They reasoned that taking the exact same list as SLES and using 
the openSUSE src-RPM's we would be on solid ground and Novell would not 
have a leg to stand-on to object.  We would avoid the non-oss RPM's.

My only concern doing this is that it may not be binary compatible with 

So how do we break this dead lock of 10-10.  I wish more people would 
express their opinions.

I have not had time to go through all the logs I have of IRC on the 
#opensue-server list.  I am missing any logs from Aug 15-20th.  So if 
someone has these logs and would email me them I will read them.

Some have asked that we ask Novell for a blessing in doing this.  I really 
doubt we will get one.  From my personal talks with Novell, they think 
this will lower their sales of SLES and are against it.

I think trying to get a blessing from Novell prior to starting will be 
fruitless.  I sub scribe to the view it is easier to ask for forgiveness 
(should it be needed) than to get the permission ahead of time.

I think the only way to demostrate to Novell that this aids their sales 
and does not take away from it is us doing it and seeing what happens.  I 
really do not think anyone will be able to really predict what will happen 
should there be an openSLE.  I am in the camp of doing an openSLE over 
doing an openSUSE LTS.  But I will go with the community consensus.

So please speak up.  What do you think we should do and your reasons for 
doing it.

BTW, does anyone know a lawyer in this field of SW that would be able to 
review our work for legal correctness.

I think are first task is deciding which way we want to go and then 
developing the guidelines.  Once we have the guidelines I think we should 
do rpm lint checks for them where possible to make sure we abid by the 

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