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Sun Aug 23 17:16:35 MDT 2009

not an option.  openSUSE and SLED fill this requirement.  So there is not need 
for it.

So the group must decide on which of the openSUSE LTS or openSLES they want to 
do.  This is what I have so far on pros and cons for each.


1.  security fixes are already done for the lifetime of the release.
2.  Smaller number of rpm's
3.  Server oriented without a lot of clutter.
4.  All that would be needed is to remove the branding and rebrand it for
      openSLE.  A much smaller task.
5.  Binary compatible for SLES.

1.  Possiblity of antagonizing the Novell upper management.(Probable)
2.  Not the most politically acceptable solution
3.  Needs legal advice to conform to legal requirements.
4.  Needs a legal entity to control the SLES subscription and have the
      ability to get the patches to SLES. (Might be considered a pro)
5.  May need community provided local BS.

1.  No real legal issues.
2.  The ability to choose just the OSS easily.
3.  Large base of openSUSE users.
4.  Definitely able to use the OBS.
5.  Community driven in all ways.

1.  More packages that have to be paired down to a workable number.
2.  Community driven in all ways.
3.  Do we have enough people we trust to do back ports over the lifetime?
4.  Need highly driven members as everything will be on their sholders.
5.  I feel there will be more work with openSUSE LTS than with openSLE.

It had said time and time again that the openSUSE community is free to create a 
community supported LTS and Novell will assist and provide the necessary 
infrastructure but will not help by maintaining any packages.

Personally I really doubt there are enough willing and able people in the 
current community to properly backport e.g. security fixes, drivers for the 
kernel, and so on.  This is why I think the idea of a "cummunity supported LTS" 
won't work. (or at least will not produce anything  "One would want to run on a 
publice server").

Therefore I fee the right option is the do an openSLES, but this as of yet has 
not been decided.

* bsgit

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