[openSLE] Purpose as I see it.

Boyd Lynn Gerber gerberb at zenez.com
Sun Aug 23 21:50:59 MDT 2009

Hello All,

We need to define a set of guidelines to use and have them reveiwed by 
someone with legal knowledge.  Once we define these guidelines we will 
post them as an RFC to the opensuse-project ML.

1.  I see us creating a server OS with long lifetime.
2.  Packages have to be 100 % binary compatible with our defined target.
     Only aberrations with removal of trademarks and or legal reasons are
3.  Every change has to be reproducable and tracked via an available SCM.
     I personally prefer GIT.  We need to make sure we keep using an OBS
     in mind.  This can be local BS or on the OBS.  I think that the GIT
     GSOC project may assist us in this task.  The code finish code has to
     be made publically available.
4.  Every code change to the project has to have a SR and the 3 positive
     votes accepting it.
5.  We need legal advice on the setup of the packaging guidelines.  (What
     we have to remove to stay legal, and ...
6.  The guidelines should be written down and rpmlint checks made where
     possible to insure we abide by the guidelines and avoid legal issues.

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